2011 Series
Imagine What YuKan Do.
The 2011 YuKan Road Race Series
Whether you’re hitting the road for the first time or already live to run, our races are fun, festive and competitive events where everyone is welcome. Each race gets a little longer and every step brings you a little closer. Imagine what YuKan do.

New to Running?
Join us! With encouragement, inspiration, training tips and support from a local community of runners, you can get in on the action. 

Live to Run?
We share your passion. Build your strength and distance with each race and set your sights on a new personal record. Make this the year you run farther and faster than ever before. 

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YuKanRun.com Road Race Series

Congratulations to Brett Norris 
Brant Henne 
our 2011 
YuKanRun.com Road Race Series Champions!